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This Bride's Dad Died Before Her Wedding. What Her Family Does For Her Is Unreal
The only thing missing from this lovely bride's special day was her father, who unfortunately passed away shortly before her wedding. But what her family did to pay tribute is truly touching. Amazing.
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I Didn't Think A Couch Could Turn Into THIS. I Want One!
Proteas has invented this awesome new sofa, which transforms!  It's super cool, and could be very useful as well.
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It's Been 50 Years. Anthony Hopkins Never Thought He'd Hear This Again.
Sir Anthony Hopkins wrote this waltz 50 years ago, but has never heard it performed. What a stunning performance!

Song: André Rieu - And The Waltz Goes On, by Sir Anthony Hopkins
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At First I Thought This Was A Pretty Backyard Patio. Then My Jaw Dropped!
This would be great to have - it's useful all year round.
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I Never Knew The Impact Eating Peanut Butter Had. I'll Never Look At It The Same
When I started watching this video, it seemed very sweet. But as it went on I knew something was off, and I couldn't believe how profound the ending was.
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18 Acts From The Pope Really Surprised Me, Especially #4
Regardless of your religious affiliation, these acts of kindness and understanding shown by Pope Francis are remarkable!
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A Man Walks Up To A Leopard's Cage, And What He Does Next Is Awesome!
Leopards are one of nature's greatest predators. That's why I was so shocked at what happened when this man decided to put his face this close to the cage.
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At First, I Thought This Was A Normal Mannequin. Then I Looked Closer. Oh My God
You won't believe your eyes when you see this eerie bridal shop mannequin from Mexico. The spooky back story behind it will give you chills. But are the horrifying rumors about this mannequin true? Or is it just an urban legend? What do YOU think? These photos are crazy!
Authiel E  Clearly, a good number of people commenting know nothing about corpse preservation. This mannequin has been on display for 75 years in open air, with no special conditions. A corpse needs CONSTANT maintenance and a controlled environment to stay preserved like that. The most remarkable older case of corpse preservation is Rosalia Lombardo, who is located in the Capuchin Catacombs in Sicily, and she's in a glass-topped coffin, in an environment that promotes mummification, and no one knows how her embalmer did it. Exposure to fresh air -- the kind of exposure La Pascualita is getting -- would compromise the preservation and cause her to decompose. Someone on here mentioned what seems to be Johnathan Bentham. Yes, he asked to be mummified. But it didn't work. His skeleton is on display, and the skeleton is dressed, with his clothing stuffed. His head is wax because the real one wasn't able to be preserved properly and looks horrific. Mummified skin often turns a shade of deep brown. Even resin-coated preservations -- the precursor to modern plastination -- turn that color and look dessicated. You can see them on display at establishments such as the College of Physicians (the Mutter Museum) in Philadelphia. This is too early a case for it to be plastination, as seen in the Bodies Exhibition, as we know it today. Modern embalming only preserves the corpse for the viewing and funeral, lasting anywhere from a few days to a week or so. My money is on life casting, and not necessarily of anyone's dead daughter. As for the fingernails -- it's far less a stretch of the imagination to think that the artist put fake nails on the mannequin than to say it's a corpse that's been preserved for over 75 years. It's so lifelike that it creeps people out, but it was never actually alive.
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He Asked This Homeless Man To Borrow Something. What Happened Next Was Magical.
Many people go on every day just ignoring the homeless. These young men and women in Germany decided that they wanted to help change that.
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He Enters An Abandoned Warehouse. What He Found Inside? Unbelievable!
You can't judge a book by its cover. That's why most wouldn't bat an eyelid at this abandoned-looking warehouse. But one photographer was brought in to chronicle what exactly this warehouse was hiding.
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This Rollercoaster Would NOT Be Legal In The US. When You See Why, You'll Freak!
Looked Like An Ordinary Paperclip. When He Put It In Hot Water...WHOA!
They Spotted These Pipes. Then, They Found Out The Secret Beneath Them. Wow!
At First, I Saw A Man In A Beetle. I Moved Closer And Couldn't Believe My Eyes!
She Photographed Herself Everyday For A Year. The End Is What Really Got To Me.
They Were Invited To Hang Out With Friends. Instead, It Was Their Own Funeral.
This Appears To Be A Normal Wedding Photo. You'd be Shocked At What It Really Is
A Dead WWII Soldier's Camera Was Just Found. You Won't Believe What Was On It.