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He Proves That Not Every Gift Is Tangible
He gives to the needy. He takes care of his neighbors. He fixes problems nobody else will, and you'd think it was all for nothing.

Until you see the end.
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What This Man And Dog Do When Their Favorite Song Comes On Is Amazing!
When I found out what my brother likes to do with my dog, I couldn't stop laughing! This is seriously hilarious. My dog must be naturally gifted because I never taught him how to do this. Unreal! 
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This Lady Got Fed Up Divorce And Mortgages, So She Decided To Do THIS 
Macy Miller from Idaho always had a dream of building her own personal fortress. She finally embarked on turning that dream into a reality when she become fed up paying high rents and someone else's mortgage. "Her financial torture began" when she divorced her college sweetheart and lost her home due to foreclosure as a result of the 2008 downturn. So what did she do? Build her own tiny home of 196 square feet. 
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A Bully Called This Mom's Son Ugly. You Have To Read The Mom's Reply. Priceless.
A mother on Instagram (@maemennes) posted a beautiful photo of her smiling son, who had Down Syndrome. An Internet bully responded with one word: Ugly.

We need more people like this mother in the world.
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These Pranksters Act Like They're Stealing. But They're Up To Something Good.
Prankster Roman Atwood has amassed quite a following on YouTube. When you watch his video, you'll understand why. In this one, he and a partner appear to be stealing tires from unsuspecting car owners.

However, when these drivers do a little bit of digging, they realize that it's not what it looks like.
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This Bartender Just Found A New Day Job
Rachel is a lot of things. This singer/songwriter actress is from New Orleans, but lives in Nashville.

When you hear her sing, that'll all make sense. It sounds as if it's in her blood.
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Despite His Handicap, This Bride Fell In Love...But She Never Expected This! 
When Kevin Taylor first met his bride, it was love at first sight. The only catch: he was in a wheelchair. Kevin broke his leg 13 years ago and had to have it amputated after he contracted a nerve disorder called reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). Doctors called it one of the worst cases of RSD they had seen...but for his wedding day, he wanted to give his bride a big surprise.
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Skaters Find Babies Trapped In Hot Car And Use Their Skateboards To Save Them!
As these teens were shooting their skateboarding video, they came across a startling scene. What they did next was amazing.
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He Found Him Freezing And Almost Dead. The Last Photo Made My Day.
Nick Radford found this little guy and knew he had to help. 
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Mom Gives The Crowd A Performance They Never Expected
This mom gave the crowd a bit more than they bargained for! Her parent-leaning parody of "Let It Go" will have you crying... from laughter, of course.

She's even got her lyrics on screen so you can sing along!
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A 92-Year Old Is Held At Gunpoint But Her Response Brings Her Mugger To Tears.
A Boy Is Bullied Every Day Until His Tormenters Realize THIS Secret. Wow.
This Mom & Her Kids At The Beach NEVER Expected To See THIS! I Was Speechless...
My Baby Reached For My Dog's Mouth And I Was Terrified! Suddenly THIS Happened!
Every Classic Disney Film Shares One Secret. When I Saw It, My Mind Was Blown!
What These 4 Dogs Do Before Every Meal Is Unbelievable! The Ending Is Crazy!
She Picks Up A Banana. What She Does With The Peel? Beyond My Imagination!
I Had No Clue I Could Do This With A Strawberry! Did You? Wow!
The Judges Weren't Impressed By These 3 Brothers...Until The Music Started! WOW!
A Guy Pours Coke Into His Toilet. I Did Not Expect THIS To Happen!
This Dog Was Locked Up Until Its Cage Had Rusted Shut. When They Opened It? Wow!
This Dad Stole Something Important From His Son. His Reaction? Priceless!
35 Genius Life Hacks Everyone Should Know, Especially #18
When You Find Out What These Kids Are Jumping Into, Your Jaw Will Drop!
This Baby Goat Is Put Into A Room Full Of Puppies. What Happens Next? Priceless!
The Bride's Father Passed Away. Her Walk Down The Aisle Took An Unexpected Twist
Judges Thought She Was A Joke, But When The Music Started They Were SHOCKED!
This Looks Like A Normal Restaurant, Until You Realize The Bizarre Truth
This Guy Left Judges Wiping Their Tears Away. Hear His Shocking Story. Just Wow!
These People Didn't Give Him Any Food, But You Won't Believe Who Did.
When This Biker Gang Approached This Girl I Was Scared. Then They Did THIS! Wow!