5 news stories to watch summer 2017
We're not suggesting you forgo your trashy beach novel for a 24-hour newscast, but there are definitely a few things worth keeping your eyes on this summer.
5 recent actions taken by Donald Trump
President Trump has been in office only a few short months, but many of his actions have targeted what many consider to be accomplishments of the previous administration.
The fate of Trump travel ban lies in the federal appeals court
A federal judge blocked the president's immigration ban last week, now, the Federal Appeals court will hear both sides to decide whether the ban should be reinstated.
Protests erupt across the country after Trump immigration ban
Protesters gathered in cities and airports, Democrats led a protest on the Supreme Court, and the attorney general was ousted for refusing to comply with President Trump's immigration ban.
President Trump's first days in office
Since Friday's inauguration, Trump has gone after the Affordable Care Act, signed executive orders and sparred with the media.
Hundreds of thousands expected to attend Women's March on Washington Saturday
Just hours after President Donald Trump takes the oath of office, 200,000 protesters will descend on Washington with a message to protect and expand women's rights.
President Obama gives farewell address to the American people
Touching on everything from his administration's accomplishments to tense race relations and the president-elect, President Obama says goodbye to the American people from the nation's highest office.
Congress scraps plan to gut its own ethics watchdog after Trump tweets
On their first day of the 115th Congress, Republicans voted to strip their own ethics watchdog of a handful of rights. But the president-elect's tweet, in part, caused Congress to pull back.
Electoral College cements Trump presidency
Despite pressure from Democrats, the Electoral College votes Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.
Trump calls for increasing the country's nuclear capabilities
A tweet from the president-elect calling for the U.S. to 'greatly strengthen' its nuclear capabilities goes against decades of bipartisan presidential efforts.
President-elect Trump calls CIA Russian hack findings 'ridiculous'
A CIA report claims Russian hackers interfered in the U.S. election process to sway the vote in favor of Mr. Trump. Now the president-elect is denying the claims, and Congress is asking for answers.
Mysterious polio-like illness affects at least 8 in Washington state
The cluster of cases has alarmed officials in the state because in 2015, there were no reported cases of the illness.
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