Their story starts with a little blue plus sign.

Nowadays, it's commonplace to document everything from weddings to what you had for lunch via photos and videos. Sean Klitzner, however, takes this task seriously (or, as seriously as a comedian can) and records every milestone of his wife Noelle's pregnancy with their first child, starting with the dramatic unveiling of the positive pregnancy test result.
What follows is an emotional roller coaster as these expectant parents navigate pregnancy together. The Klitzners take us along for the ride as they break the news to their family, see their baby for the first time at the ultrasound appointment and discover the gender with a little help from a local cake maker. Interspersed between the video clips of these momentous occasions are photos of her growing belly, showing the viewers exactly what changes are taking place during her pregnancy throughout the entire timeline.

The nine-month journey reaches its climax on Sept. 10, 2014. During a doctor's appointment, the Klitzners were told that delivery was about a week away, but it appears that their baby had other plans. The very next day, Sept. 11, the couple welcomes their newborn daughter, Brooklyn Violet, into the world. At one memorable moment in the delivery room, the doctor notes, "When something wonderful happens on a day that is very difficult, it means that we won ... that beautiful American babies are being born on a day that was meant to destroy us and it didn't happen. This is the proof that it's okay."

Given who Brooklyn's parents are, it should come as no surprise that the infant already has her own YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. On these social media sites, we see little Brooklyn discover the world as her parents adjust to living with their precious new baby. When she's old enough, we're sure Brooklyn will appreciate the lengths her parents went to document the time they spent waiting for her arrival. Watch this heartwarming, smile-inducing video, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.