The video below was filmed on Christmas in 2009 when this woman's family gave her the present she only dreamed of getting. At the very beginning of the video, she jokingly says to her family, "I just know a Pom's going to hop out of here!" She says it in such a sweet way, as if she hopes desperately that it's a little Pomeranian but doesn't want to expect too much; she's certainly in for a great surprise!

Pomeranians have a characteristic fluffy coat and are a toy breed, meaning they're very, very tiny dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, Pomeranians are typically extroverted and cocky, and though they are tiny, they're quite active. Though the modern Pomeranian ranges in size from three to seven pounds, their ancestors were much larger. Originally a herding dog in Pomerania, which is present day Germany and Poland, the Pomeranian's ancestor averaged 30 pounds in size and was an excellent sheep-herder. The popularity and further domestication of this breed was sparked in 1888 when Queen Victoria of England couldn't resist a Pomeranian she encountered in Italy and then brought back to England. Backed by a royal endorsement so to speak, the Pomeranian became a more common household companion and has since evolved into the tiny, poof-ball variety you see today.

We at SF Globe loved seeing the look of genuine joy on this woman's face as she discovered her new furry friend. What do you think of grandma's puppy surprise? Have you ever done this for a loved one? Let us know in the comments below!