In the social experiment video below, the people behind the camera asks a group of young boys to do various things to an older girl. Some of the things the boys are asked to do are harmless, such as making a funny face. Some of the things are embarrassing, like caressing the girl's face. Through giggles and awkward laughs, the boys perform all of the actions that the cameraman tells them to. Except for one. 

Near the end of the video, the boys are asked to hit the girl. When they hear this request, they immediately recoil in confusion. Ultimately, none of the boys accept the order to hit the girl. When one of the boys is asked why he won't hit the girl, he responds perfectly with "'Cause I'm a man."

This is a great example of children who were raised right, and if you agree, make sure to share this with your friends on Facebook! It's nice to have a reminder that there are some great youth who will be populating the world of tomorrow!