YouTuber rawfish likes to fish in the Pacific Northwest. He and his friend were out fishing in kayaks when his friend got something on the line. He thought it might just be a snag, but he was eventually able to pull it towards the surface. That's when they noticed he had one amazing catch on the line: an octopus. When it got near the surface, he stuck his camera underwater and got a close up view of the catch and the footage is great. He said the octopus had swallowed quite a big hook so his friend took this catch home to eat since they didn't believe it would live long if they let it go.
Based on the way this octopus looks and where this man fishes, this appears to be a North Pacific octopus or Giant Pacific octopus. While octopuses are not fished very often, it is not uncommon. According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's website, because they are so large they are a popular species to fish. They only live around three years, but produce lots of eggs when they mate (usually around 18,000 to 74,000). They are commercially fished in North America and Japan and are a popular dish in Asian and Mediterranean meals. They are also used as bait since they are easy to reuse.

This is a pretty impressive example of an octopus and certainly something a kayaker isn't going to see everyday. Watch the video to get an unclose look at this octopus.