At their wedding reception, Brian wanted to show his wife Emily just how much he cared about her. So he called upon his friends to help. The newly married man took to the dance floor with his groomsmen while the rest of the attendees gathered around. Emily took a seat facing her husband, in order to get the best view in the house. As soon as the crowd recognizes the faint tune of Justin Bieber's "Baby" beginning to play, they can't hold it together. Cheers and laughter immediately ripple throughout the crowd. The music then kicks in and an exceptionally well-choreographed dance unfolds, right in front of Emily's eyes. 

The dance is really something, as evidenced by the constant screaming and chortling that comes from audience members. Justin Bieber's "Baby" video is the second most viewed on YouTube, with a whopping one billion views and counting. When the singer caught a glimpse of this wedding dance he tweeted about it, adding millions of views to the YouTube video. He must've been impressed by Brian's moves.

Check out the video below to see Brian bust a move and his wife Emily take it all in. It's a night that they hope to never forget and thanks to this viral video, the memories will live on for quite some time. What did you think of the dance? What's the best thing you've seen happen at a wedding? Let us know in the comments section or on Facebook. If you were blown away by this dance just like we were, be sure to share it with your family and friends!