In "Footloose," the teenage protagonist moves from Chicago to a small town in which both rock music and dancing of any kind are not permitted. The 1984 musical drama starring Kevin Bacon delivered a message about breaking the norm for a good cause -- and doing it through music. When Trent and Analisa Brookshier planned their reception, they prepared a couple of unusual surprises for their guests -- taking a page right out of Bacon's book. 

After a touching and lighthearted wedding ceremony entrance to Bruno Mars' "Marry You" (in this case, to be exact, a cover of the tune from the hit show "Glee"), the guests thought all the surprises were already over with. But the newlyweds had another little trick up their sleeves for the reception, where Trent Brookshier ran onto the dance floor after a quick change of clothes and proceeded to show off some impressive dance moves. His bride quickly joined him in a charming choreography to Blake Shelton's cover of "Footloose," as created for the 2011 remake of the classic film.

The bride and groom show great spirit and overflowing vitality in the video, no doubt thanks to their happy, fulfilling lives together. The pair met in high school in 2004 and were married June 30, 2012, in San Diego. They will be having their first child, a baby boy, in February of next year, according to Analisa's website. "I still don't know how I got so lucky," Trent says on his own Web page. "This is the most amazing woman in the whole world and I couldn't be more blessed to call her my wife."

Analisa is a photographer, and her accomplishments include working on Blake Shelton's wedding to Miranda Lambert, as her website indicates. Trent, who goes by the nickname TobyBlueWolf, is a man of many talents -- hospital lab tech, Realtor, athlete and blogger, all according to his personal website. He is a huge "Survivor" aficionado and has auditioned for the competition 20 times, as his latest audition tape shows. His social media pages display a great enthusiasm for trying out new things and living life to the fullest. With everything he has accomplished, perhaps Kevin Bacon himself has something to learn here.