If you're like most people, you admire an elephant's magnificence from afar (and you probably snap a few photos, too). However, what would you do if the massive animal decided it wanted to play? Well, that's precisely the situation this unsuspecting tourist encountered. Watch as a woman gazes at the elephants in their enclosure, only to receive an unexpected surprise when one of them throws a rock over the fence to her. In an earnest attempt to please the animal, she throws it back, only to realize she's inadvertently engaged in a friendly game of catch!

This is such an unforgettable moment caught on camera and here at SF Globe, we're a little bit envious we weren't able to experience something so priceless! This video demonstrates not only how intelligent these beautiful animals are, but how gentle they can be as well; we were truly blown away by the sweet way the elephant used its trunk to toss the rock.

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