This young girl has a disease so rare that even doctors and other experts don't know how many people in the world actually suffer from it. The disease is called CIPA, which stands for "congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis." It basically means the patient doesn't have the ability to feel pain. At first thought, one might think this is a good problem, but it's quite scary and actually makes life much more dangerous for its sufferers. Because the patient can't feel pain, they don't know if they actually might be dying (e.g. if they got a cut that kept bleeding out blood or if there was a failure in an organ). 

Those with CIPA get it as a result of a genetic mutation. In this case, 12-year-old Ashlyn Blocker is using her disease as a means of doing good. When she was born, her parents had no idea she was born with CIPA. They had assumed she was just a good baby, but she would never cry when she was hungry, tired, or even hurt. You have to watch this very tragic story in the video below. What would you do if your family member or child had CIPA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.