Project Senium is a group of filmmakers who set out to capture the experience of being inside an abandoned asylum, a place they refer to as 'beautifully disturbing.' This is not a tour video, nor is it a scripted movie, but rather an attempt to give us, the viewers, the opportunity to feel a bit of what it's like to be inside a place with such a dark and intriguing history. 'Senium' is a latin word for decay, but not in the same sense of the word 'rotting,' rather the filmmakers describe it's connotation as meaning "melancholy deterioration, decline, gloom, or feebleness from old age." Project Senium aims to preserve a piece of history that is otherwise fading away behind closed doors, and the result is utterly fascinating.

Amazingly, the almost 10-minute film below was shot in a mere five days with a crew of only a few people. If you're unfamiliar with the act of urban exploring in abandoned buildings like this, you need to know that the process is quite difficult even when you aren't lugging film equipment around. Because these buildings are so decrepit and boarded up, it's very difficult to get inside and navigate within. The filmmakers explain that they had to crawl through small spaces, jump from window to window or from building to building, and then somehow toss the film equipment to the person who jumped before. These filmmakers hold the utmost respect for these abandoned buildings as they enter and work through them. They will not disclose the location of the asylum to keep the place from being further vandalized, and they make sure that they damage nothing whenever they enter the premises. Project Senium operates with the highest level of respect for these places, and that becomes very evident in watching the film below. 

When the filmmakers from Project Senium were finally finished with the film, they came up with an absolutely brilliant idea for the premier. They wanted only a small group in attendance: the cast, crew, and a few urban explorers who frequented the asylum and respected it in the same way. Keeping the premier a secret until the very last moment, the team at Project Senium invited the attendees to join them in one of the asylum's very own buildings. Within the walls of the asylum that had so inspired them, Project Senium's filmmakers began revealing their work to the world. 

What do you think of the film for Project Senium? What do you think of the abandoned asylum; would you want to explore inside or would you be too afraid? Do you find this place beautifully disturbing, or simply disturbing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!