He "...wanted to be adventurous." That was the excuse a homeless man gave for climbing into a storm drain outside the Centennial Sportsplex in Nashville, TN. Unfortunately for this adventurer, his exploit resulted in him getting stuck inside the drain, and in a rescue operation involving a large portion of Nashville's fire department.

After an all-day rescue attempt, firefighters were finally able to free the man, whose name was not released. After first explaining away his stunt by claiming a thirst for adventure, he then changed his story. The latest version is that he was chased into the storm drain. 

Although we feel sympathy if the second round of the story is true, we're skeptical that a storm drain was his only option for refuge. And if the first version of his tale is true - then it's pretty deplorable. Institutions like fire departments exist to help citizens from life-threatening circumstances - that normally are not caused of their own volition. 

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