It's not too uncommon these days to see well-behaved dogs on the internet. There are enough videos of canines doing cool tricks or acting adorable to watch for the rest of my lifetime. This video is special though. While an owner telling his dogs to lay down and roll over normally wouldn't be that remarkable of a story, this one has a twist.

As common as it may be to see dogs obey commands, a cat doing the same would be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Well, that's exactly what happens in this video as this feline takes notes from his canine companions and acts like just another member of the gang. I've never seen a cat obey any command that didn't revolve around petting or food, so I just had to share this.

He starts by telling them all to lay down, and I immediately couldn't believe that the cat fell right in line. A cat rolling over though? That was too good to be true. Sure enough, the ASPCA gives guidelines on how to train your cat. Perhaps not too surprisingly they suggest that using snacks and "clicking" sounds are the most effective ways to train a cat. As expected, they do not respond well to punishment.

So watch the video below and let us know if you have ever seen anything like this in real life. Maybe this is commonplace and I'm the only one who has owned cats who march to the beat of their own drum? Share your stories with us and spread this clip to all of your animal-loving friends if you thought this was as hilariously cute as I did.