Marian and Michelle Bernard are beautiful twin girls, conjoined at the abdomen, and living in Haiti. However, never in a million years did their parents think the 2010 earthquake would provide them the God-given help needed to separate the girls in the form of Dr. Henri Ford. Originally from Port-au-Prince and now the Chief of Surgery at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, this pediatric surgeon returned to his homeland to help with relief efforts following the disaster 5 years ago and now visits frequently.
If not for this turn of events, Dr. Ford might never have learned of the Bernard's medical problem. Watch as he and his team gather in prayer before the historic procedure to separate Marian and Michelle, ultimately performing successful surgery and separating the twin baby girls! Here at SF Globe, we're overjoyed to witness such a happy ending and tip our caps to Dr. Ford and his team of heroes. Watch this story unfold below, tell us your thoughts in the comments, and make sure to share if you found this as powerful as we did.