Helen, now in her 60s, endured a difficult childhood under the iron thumb of an abusive father. For comfort, she spent large portions of time talking to her imaginary friend, whom she called her "secret sister." Little did she know that she had an actual sister, Jenny, who was being raised by an adoptive family and experiencing a contrastingly happy upbringing. Jenny was startled to learn as a teenager that she'd been adopted. She eventually sought out her birth mother, Mercia, who disclosed that Jenny had a sister named Helen. However, Mercia did not want the two to meet for fear of upsetting her oblivious daughter.
It was only after Mercia's death that Jenny went on a focused and aggressive search to find Helen. Not only was she successful, but the long-lost sisters later learned that they were in fact fraternal twins, not to mention the fact that the abusive father Helen had grown up fearing wasn't actually the women's biological father at all. These lovely sisters demonstrate the power of unbreakable sibling bonds, and their story is truly gripping to listen to. Watch Helen and Jenny describe their journeys below, and share with others if you find the video as powerful as we do.