According to YouTube podcaster James Beltz, a surveillance camera in a Russian subway station captured a thwarted robbery attempt. In the video, a young woman is leaning against the wall, using her mobile phone when a thief approaches. The unnamed male snatches the phone from her hands, but as he turns to flee the scene he is greeted with a purse to the face and a kick to the groin. 
The time stamp on the footage indicates that this foiled theft took place in July 2013. While the young woman's quick thinking and self-defense garnered lots of attention on the Web, there have also been many questions raised about the video's legitimacy. Some viewers seem to think the situation unfolds a bit too perfectly — almost as if it's a scene from a movie. It is strange how nonchalant the thief is after taking the phone, thus allowing the victim to counterattack with ease.

Beltz, who uploaded the video, lists the self-defense tactics that the young woman used: a swift kick to the crotch, smack to the ear, punch to the nose and one last spinning kick before she takes back what's hers. The slap to the ear may not seem as effective as the other maneuvers, but think again. According to the Urban Survival Network, this is an effective way to stun your opponent and throw them off balance. 

Whether or not this video is real, it's a good demonstration of self-defense. Besides, it's hard to find a video on the Internet without critics and skeptics. 

Self-defense training is a serious matter that everyone ought to look into. You never know when you might find yourself in a situation where you'll need it.