Parents in Houston, TX encountered their worst nightmare when they arrived for their routine pickup at their child's daycare. Located in northeast Houston, Joann's Day Care & Camp is a licensed child care program that looks after children ranging from infants to elementary schoolers. On July 27, mother Sharonda Ross went to pick up her 10-month-old son Jordan, only to find that the day care was locked and closed.

Ross initially thought that Jordan's father had picked him up, but soon realized that wasn't the case. Together the parents scoped out the day care building and to their great shock, heard their son crying from inside. Frantically, the couple sprung into action, breaking a window and rushing to Jordan's crib. Ross filmed the incident as her husband climbed through a window and in moments emerged holding their crying baby. 

It was soon determined that Jordan was forgotten by a day care employee who cleaned and closed the building, not realizing he'd been left inside. Ross told ABC News that she filed a report of the incident with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Joann Davis, the owner of the establishment, has personally and publicly apologized for the trauma caused by her staff. In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Davis expressed her deep regrets, but also explained that the employee responsible will not be fired over the event. 

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