So often when one watches a viral video, it's easy to laugh at it then move on. But what about the people in the video? Every person in every video is a human being with feelings, a family, and loved ones. In early April of this year, model Manuela Arbelaez made a mistake that went viral, and while millions have since seen her flub, at the time she was mortified.

The 26-year-old had been a model on the game show "The Price Is Right" for six years when the incident featured in the video below happened. She made a mistake during the show that gave away a car valued at $21,000 dollars, and at that point she feared that she was going to be let go from the show.

After talking to the producers, Manuela realized that they thought it was an honest mistake and actually quite funny. They aired the episode as-is, and the clip of the mistake went viral. At this point, she can breathe easy. Manuela told Fox News, "In a weird way, I'm kind of glad it happened now."