Beauty blogger and YouTube personality Rachel Levin is about to change the way you approach your everyday beauty regime. For years, Levin has been in the YouTube spotlight for everything from makeup tutorials to hilarious female-centric spoofs. In this video, Levin presents a series of beauty hacks fit for every woman. 

Knowing that a girl's beauty upkeep process is filled with tedious and often time-consuming grooming tasks, Levin decided to compile all her tips and tricks to make daily beautification a little easier. From her home in Philadelphia, PA, Levin demonstrates beauty hacks that require even the most bizarre supplies. For example, one of her life hacks requires rubbing a potato on one's armpit...

Despite the unusual nature of some of the hacks in the video, Levin stands by their ability to deliver desirable results. If the video's popularity says anything about its content than a lot of these hacks must be worth trying. Uploaded in late July, Levin's series of hacks has already received a whopping 2.2 million views! Feel your curiosity piquing? 

See what all the hype is about by watching the video below!