Sarah Willis: French horn musician with the Berlin Philharmonic, original Google Glass tester, and hedgehog rescuer? Though that might seem like an odd combination, all three of these attributes recently came together in perfect harmony. According to her blog post from January 10, 2014, Willis was checking email on her Google Glass when she noticed a hedgehog had fallen into her pool and was in danger of drowning. 

Though she wasn't quite expecting a scene like this to unfold, the Maryland native knew what had to be done. Without skipping a beat, the musician walked into the clear blue water, stretched out her arms, and cupped the struggling cutie in her hands. After lifting him out of the pool, Willis returned him (or her) safely to dry land and the crisis was over. 

Willis was chosen as a Google Glass tester due to her devotion to musical education and her desire to incorporate modern digital technology and social media in order to reach a global audience. On this day, by uttering the words "Ok Glass, record a video," she was able to capture this special rescue from a unique perspective and share it with the world on YouTube. Set to music, of course.