Igor Vovkovinskiy is on record as the tallest man in the United States. Standing at over seven feet eight inches (234.5 cm) at age 32, Vovkovinskiy experienced rapid growth early his his life. He was 7 years old when his  family immigrated from Ukraine into the United States, and he was already well over six feet tall. 

Vovkovinskiy's growth was caused by a tumor that was pressed against his pituitary gland, forcing an excess of growth hormones into his blood. Unable to find proper medical care in Ukraine, Vovkovinskiy's family looked to Minnesota's Mayo Clinic.  Surgeons at the Clinic were able to remove the tumor. 

In 2008, Vovkovinskiy gained media attention as the world's biggest Obama supporter. He was drawn to the campaign because of then-Senator Obama's healthcare policy. After meeting the President at a rally in 2009, Vovkovinskiy told the Star Tribune that without healthcare he wouldn't have been able to survive. 

In 2012, Vovkovinskiy was again in the media spotlight when shoe manufacturer Reebok made a pair of custom size 24 shoes for him.  Before that, Vovkovinskiy's had been unable to find a shoes that properly fit him, making walking a painful affair for him. After getting his new shoes, Vovkovinskiy told the Associated Press it was like "walking on pillows or mattresses."