A babysitter in Genesee, Colo., is receiving acclaim from locals and strangers alike for her heroic response while supervising two young boys. Sharon Molloy had only been babysitting for the Melichar family for two weeks, as Fox 31 Denver reports, when she and the two boys received a scare that has since rocked the entire community. 

In an interview with Fox 31, Amy Melichar, mother of the boys Jack and Tommy, describes what happened when 3-year-old Jack was attacked by a pair of violent dogs on Aug. 13. According to Melichar's account, the neighbor's dogs had made their way onto Melichar's deck while Molloy was watching the boys. In an attempt to persuade the dogs to leave the property, Molloy and the two boys went out onto the deck to shoo the pair away. 

“Jack was running, and while Jack was running, one of the black dogs went after Jack and started attacking him," Melichar told Fox 31. 

Molloy quickly ran to Jack's aid, which prompted the dogs to avert their attention from Jack and begin attacking Molloy, as described by CBS4. Tommy, Jack's older brother, told the news source that a neighbor arrived at the scene after hearing noise from the attack and attempted to fight the dogs off with a rake. 

The video describes the attack from a number of perspectives, explaining that the dogs had returned to their home by the time firefighters arrived to help. Though Molloy opted to not talk with Fox 31, her praises were sung by community members and the Melichar family, who call her a hero for saving Jack's life. 

Molloy and Jack walked away from the attack with wounds requiring medical attention as is visible in the video. To help Molloy with the expenses of her medical treatment, and to thank her for her courage, a GoFundMe page has been set up in her honor.