Mother and comical public figure Kristina Kuzmic never stops providing her sarcastic opinion about all things related to family and parenting. In one of her latest videos, titled "4 Steps to Raising a Brat," Kuzmic explains four guaranteed ways to raise children into brats. Kuzmic knows just as well as any other parent how difficult it is to deal with bratty children and doesn't actually want any, which is exactly what makes this witty segment so apropos to her sarcastic body of work. 

Her "4 Steps to Raising a Brat" includes all kinds of hilarious insights. Everything from coddling children during tantrums to not following through on consequences is perfectly and sarcastically delivered in Kuzmic's video. This video is one of many sardonic segments on the comedic figure's YouTube channel titled "Kristina Kuzmic." 

Kuzmic has found much success through her YouTube platform. Her video titled "4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public" reached a whopping 3.2 million views in a matter of months. While the video below hasn't seen quite the same instantaneous success, having only accumulated around 60,000 views since it was published July 30, it is still entertaining to watch. 

According to Kuzmic's website, she and her husband live in Southern California with their three kids, two boys and one girl. Kuzmic's bio goes on to describe a pivotal moment in her career when Kuzmic was chosen as the winner of "Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star” in 2011. Having won the competition, Kuzmic was presented with the opportunity to star in her very own cooking show called "The Ambush Cook."  

Whether she's cooking in the kitchen or making audiences double over from laughter, Kuzmic's flair is apparent.