There are certain combinations that just never really seem to go together -- cats and water, for example. So you can imagine the surprise that two Alabama fishermen felt when they encountered two kittens swimming up to their boat while on the Black Warrior River near Hueytown, Ala. 

The two friends, Jason Frost and Brandon Key, were lucky they carried a camera with them on this particular trip, because as Frost told, "Everybody always has a crazy fishing story, and that's all it is, is a story. ... If I wouldn't have had this on video, everybody would have thought I was crazy." 

Frost told WBRC Fox 6 in a video on that he and Key heard a loud splash from behind them while on their boat, and spotted something swimming toward their boat from a nearby bank. They quickly realized that the tiny creature swimming toward them was an orange, tabby-patterned kitten, even though they seemed to have a bit of trouble believing what was in front of them. Just after the first kitten reached the boat, Key exclaimed in the video that he heard another splash and turned the camera toward a bank in front of them. Sure enough, a second kitten, matching in appearance, came swimming up to the side of the boat. 

Frost plucked each kitten out of the water and let them wander the boat as he and Key continued on their day of fishing. He told WBRC that other people on the river were looking at him and Key like they were crazy -- and understandably so. 

Frost and Key were uncertain of what they would do with the kittens -- named River and Warrior -- until they arrived back onshore and noticed a family nearby. They gave the kittens to two young girls in the family, who seem to have given them a happy home, judging by the updates posted to Frost and Key's Facebook page. 

BTW Warrior and River have been doing great! Please share this to let everyone know.

Posted by Alabama Adventures on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Frost told WBRC that there are no houses near the area in which they found the kittens; he believes that someone abandoned them there. The two kittens certainly must have been desperate to overcome their instinctual dislike of water to seek help from humans, but luckily the fishermen came to their rescue.