If you don't have the steadiest hand, creating nail art can be quite a challenge. However, not all nail designs need to require hours of tedious work just to look presentable. There are plenty of unique, and eye-catching manicures that beginners can execute in no time. Thanks to Sandi Ball, creator of the popular YouTube channel cutepolish, even the most professional-looking designs can be accomplished through a series of easy steps.  

Ball got her start on YouTube in 2010, as described by Business Insider. Since launching her YouTube channel, the Ontario-based nail polish guru has accumulated over 2.5 million subscribers. Ball's hugely successful YouTube platform has inspired women of all ages around the world to pick up the paint and have fun with their nails. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Ball explains being infatuated with nail polish at a young age when she received her mother's collection of colorful polishes. From that point on, Ball grew fascinated with the endless nail designs and techniques she could apply all on her own. She describes to Business Insider that much of the motivation behind her YouTube channel stemmed from being told her manicures looked incredible, but too complicated for others to replicate. Ball set out to change women's perceptions about nail art, and show that even the most complicated of designs can be executed as long as the process is broken down. 

In the video below, Ball demonstrates how to create an abstract nail design using dental floss picks. The dental floss picks provide a cheap, yet unique way to add a professional-level effect to any ordinary base coat. Ball walks through every step necessary to achieve the style, finishing by applying a quick-drying top coat to protect the artwork. 

Ball's YouTube success is evident in the popularity of nearly every one of her videos. Since being uploaded in March 2013, the below video has amassed over 3 million views. Check out the video and learn how to create abstract art on your own nails!