Kindness. Selflessness. Compassion. If Tammy the fox had any shot at survival, it was going to take a monumental combination of these three qualities to pull it off. For the fervent members of the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS), however, time was of the essence.

A video uploaded to YouTube by the sanctuary's Monika Melichar shows the traumatic discovery of Tammy. The fox was found nearly lifeless; left for dead on the side of an Ontario highway. Regardless of how the animal's condition came to be, it would take the efforts of several remarkable humans to revive her. According to the clip, the first step to Tammy's recovery occurred when volunteer drivers Elizabeth and Anne rushed the fading fox to the sanctuary. With Tammy's rehabilitation attempt officially under way, the rescuers still "hoped for a miracle."

Dr. Sherri Cox from the National Wildlife Centre was called to the scene to facilitate Tammy's recovery, and slowly but surely, their "miracle happened": Tammy was beginning to regain her strength. She was beginning to stand on her own. She was beginning to look and act like a healthy fox.

That's when Todd came into the picture.

Todd is another adorable fox that the sanctuary was rehabilitating after his involvement in a vehicular accident. When the two foxes are introduced under supervision, the playful pair seem to get along just fine. This prompts WWS to cleverly declare, "You could say they met in rehab!"

The clip of Tammy's rescue and rehabilitation is so moving that it's already been viewed over 5.5 million times since it was posted to the group's Facebook page on Aug. 28. Though the video shows close-contact handling of Tammy, Melichar makes her own YouTube comment, stating that, "Now that she (Tammy) is much better, we no longer handle her and yes, she certainly would bite the hand that feeds her!"