Ché Chesterman is a young man with a grand dream -- bring soul back to the music industry. Confident that he could both win the U.K. "X Factor" 2015 but also change the industry, the 18-year-old quit his job stacking shelves at Tesco and began pursuing a career in music. 

Things begin a bit bumpy when Chesterman tells the judges he hoped to sing Sam Smith for his audition -- an artist he essentially dismissed as lacking the "old-school" soul of icons like Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross. Skeptical, Simon Cowell tells Chesterman to go with his second choice. This too is a modern pop song -- "Who You Are" by Jessie J. 

Chesterman talked a good talk, but could he really deliver on his promises to bring "something different" while falling back on some of today's most popular artists? 

The music starts, and an otherwise nondescript Chesterman begins to transform before the judges. He starts strong, demonstrating that he has a talent for singing, but when he explodes into an "unbelievable" falsetto the judges know they are hearing something special. Not only does he give an astounding display of his vocal range, he puts his own stamp on the R&B hit, showing he just might have what it takes to bring a little soul back into popular music. 

Simon showers Chesterman with accolades. "You are one of those rare little finds. ... I think your voice is beautiful, stunning." Not even Chesterman expected such high praise. He is sure to continue to be tough competition as the series progresses.

Meanwhile, Chesterman continues to follow his heart. Performing at open-mic nights and heading into the studio to record, Chesterman's Facebook page and Twitter account are peppered with updates on upcoming gigs and new videos posted to YouTube. 

Chesterman uploaded this Sam Smith cover to YouTube in May. Once again he shows off both strong vocal skills and an ability to add his personal signature -- a quality that distinguishes a good karaoke singer from an artist. Though it only has 22,000 views thus far, the comments are replete with fans certain that he will win "X Factor" this year. If their early enthusiasm is any indication of Chesterman's future in music, he is sure to go far.