Nowadays, so many individuals inadvertently carry camcorders (read: smartphones) everywhere, making the ability to record life's precious moments easy, if not altogether reflexive. It's because of this portable technology that Chad and Catie Reay of Casper, Wyo., were recently able to capture an unforgettable family milestone and immediately beam it into the ether, touching millions of individuals in a mere matter of days.
In the video, which Reay uploaded to her Facebook page on Sept. 10 and has since been viewed over 12 million times, the pregnant woman decides to surprise her husband with the big news for his birthday. Reay disguises her positive pregnancy test as a sleek new piece of technology in an Apple Watch box, and once Chad opens it up and discovers the truth, he dissolves into happy tears. Considering how viral the clip has gone in less than a week, it's clear that his palpably raw emotion has moved a lot of people. 

In today's viral video landscape, pregnancy announcements now appear to comprise their own genre of Internet entertainment and the couples who decide to share these private moments often receive startling amounts of overnight attention. Most recently, YouTube vlogging couple Sam and Nia Rader endured a hailstorm of controversy following their pregnancy announcement in which Sam "stole" a sample of Nia's urine and announced to his wife – and the world – that she was expecting a child. While the video gained 15 million views in just over a month, Sam and Nia's newfound position in the spotlight generated a great deal of subsequent negative publicity, including accusations of fraud.  E! Online reports that the couple ultimately decided to take a hiatus from YouTube amidst the frenzy of scrutiny.

However, not all couples who decide to announce their pregnancy on social media are examined so harshly under the microscope, and more often than not, a video is received as the sweet and simple moment that it is. According to AOL, Reay spoke with Jukin Media about the honest nature of her husband's reaction, explaining, "Blessed as we've been, he has taken on my two little ones as his own, as a step-daddy, and in this video he finds out that he gets to experience it all from the beginning for the first time. Blessed that my husband has such a gentle heart." And it's clear that this authentic emotion has struck a chord with millions of viewers, who can't help but delight in the happiness of the Reays' relatable, intimate family moment.