Authorities have confirmed the identity of a body found stuffed inside a refrigerator in a Los Angeles neighborhood, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. According to NBC Los Angeles, police received a call concerning the body on the morning of Sept. 13, prompting officials to enter the premises of the Sun Valley residence where they found a male body inside an unplugged refrigerator in the backyard.
A City News Service story in the Los Angeles Daily News reports that the body is that of 30-year-old Andranik Tadzhikyan, who died due to a gunshot wound to the head. The report further explains that local authorities are unsure of the exact number of days Tadzhikyan's body was in the fridge, but their guess is several. Footage from a CBS news segment below shows investigators scouring the premises as neighbors in the Sun Valley neighborhood remark on the suspicious activity they noticed at the house.  

The neighbors featured in the news segment recall seeing many different people frequent the house on a regular basis. One woman also describes catching wind of the abhorrent odor stemming from the back of the house during a recent trip outside. CBS explains that the garage was being used to house an illegal marijuana operation, which could explain the many visitors. 

Authorities are still investigating the case. According to the Los Angeles Times, arrests have yet to be made, however, investigators have talked to those suspected of manning the operation and are looking into whether they have any link to Tadzhikyan's death.