The YouTube channel Nibbles Official is teeming with everything from makeup tutorials to body piercing FAQs. The channel's edgy and brazen host goes by the name of Michelle and has been publishing tutorials and personal updates on YouTube since 2012. The video below is the most popular upload on the channel, having accumulated over 1 million views since it was posted in August 2013. 
In the video, the Sydney-based YouTuber demonstrates how to cover up a tattoo using drugstore makeup products. Michelle addresses her audience at the beginning of the video explaining that not everyone has the privilege to freely flaunt their tattoos in the workplace and must take extra measures to conceal the artwork for professional purposes. 

Michelle uses the tattoo on her foot to demonstrate the method, which requires the use of common makeup supplies such as foundation, eyeshadow and concealer. To thoroughly cover the ink, the process necessitates gradual layering of the makeup products and attention to detail. While some might consider the process meticulous, it results in flawless coverage of the tattoo. 

There are several products intended for tattoo coverage that have also garnered attention. Dermablend is a brand of makeup that touts its ability to provide immaculate coverage of tattoos, acne and troubled skin areas. For those wishing to opt out of makeup usage, TatJacket offers cover-up sleeves that act as fabric concealers for tattoos in certain places on the body. 

Each option for tattoo coverage comes with its own benefits and potential downsides. Watch Michelle's demonstration and decide whether her method is the right one for you.