It's not unusual to hear a knock on the door from a neighbor, but one Florida woman's door is getting knocked by someone a bit more wild. 

Susie Chinn of Sarasota, Fla., found herself responding to a hungry raccoon tapping on her backyard glass door.  Chinn has started calling the animal Rocksy due to the tool she uses to make noise on the glass -- a rock. 
It didn't take Chinn long to realize the reason behind Rocky's tapping: The raccoon was stealing food from a cat bowl outside, and the bowl was empty. 

"She'll bring her friends and just sit out there and snag all the cat food," Chinn told "Inside Edition." "When the bowl's empty, she gets a rock and knocks on my door and it's scratched all the way across." 

Her glass door might be ruined, but Chinn isn't annoyed by Rocksy. "This raccoon cracks me up."

Chinn told "Inside Edition" that Rocksy has been coming to her door for over a year and is nursing a litter of four babies nearby. Chinn states on her YouTube page that she has volunteered at Wildlife Inc. for several years, and she hopes people realize that raccoons can be wonderful creatures.

"I want people to learn about animals, to respect them and love them," Chinn told "Inside Edition." "We need to share our Earth with our wildlife and try to be kinder."