Everyone loves a clean and tidy home. According to Expertrain, a clean home is associated with lower levels of stress and anxiety, and those who live in tidier homes tend to be more physically active and be healthier overall. Still, cleaning is often seen as a chore and not as a pleasure. Even those who love a squeaky clean kitchen might agree that a little less time spent cleaning and more time with family or enjoying a favorite hobby would be ideal. 
Melissa Maker, cleaning guru and Clean My Space host is here to help. After running her own cleaning service for years, the Toronto-based entrepreneur launched a YouTube channel where she presents her favorite tips and tricks for keeping an immaculate home. From easy bathroom cleaning to using homemade cleaning products, she has had millions of views to her videos. The Clean My Space website summarizes the secret to her success: "Melissa has a unique ability to connect with her audience because she, like many of them, find cleaning to be an ancillary task which is not overly exciting. Melissa shares ways to motivate, inspire and teach her audience by relating to them in a fun and engaging way."

In March 2014, Melissa posted the following video, tackling the 5 places in the kitchen most likely to be harboring bacteria and causing unpleasant smells. Daily Mail reported that Britons focus most of their cleaning attention in their kitchens, but Richard Caines, market analyst noted, "The number of households that need cleaning is continuing to grow, but pressure on time from increasingly busy lives limits the number of hours people are willing or able to spend cleaning their homes." He predicts that the demand for more products that deliver faster and easier cleaning will increase. 

Melissa has a different approach. Rather than loading up on harsh chemicals or specialized products, she uses common household items like coarse salt, lemon, dish soap and baking soda to disinfect and sanitize everything from a wood cutting board to the inside of a smelly kitchen trash can -- and don't forget about cleaning those cleaning tools, too.