Three-year-old Ansleigh gave herself a haircut under Dad’s watch. Thankfully her father, Chad Clark, caught the tearful explanation on camera to share with the world. The video uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 11, 2015, already has close to 400,000 views.
In a report by "Today" Parents, Ansleigh’s mom was away at a conference for the weekend and left Dad in charge of the children. While Ansleigh was having some quiet time, her dad became alarmed after hearing a particular sound coming from her room. 

"I poked my head in. … When I noticed that she had no more bangs, my first thought was, 'Oh crap, my wife is going to kill me!' And my second thought was, 'On the bright side, she will never leave me alone for the weekend with the kids again,’ ” Clark told "Today" Parents.

Ansleigh had cut off a lot of her hair, creating a mullet-like hairdo. During the video confession, Ansleigh says she cut it “because I want to know how to do it really too … I was just practicing today."  

Hoping someday she will have more hair to practice on, “Well maybe sometime there will be new hair … for me to cut,” she tearfully tells her dad. In response, Clark instructs his sweet daughter, “You better not cut it again while you’re little.”

Although Ansleigh may not have much hair to practice cutting at the moment, according to "Today" Parents, the family hairdresser offered her services and gave this future stylist a new haircut for the meantime.