On today's ever-connected planet, the groups of people that have never had contact with the world are constantly dwindling. Simultaneously, our methods for finding and observing these peoples have steadily improved. The footage in the clip below captures the best of both worlds.

Survival International is an organization dedicated to protecting "tribal peoples around the world." They state that they're the only organization of their type, which makes their mission that much more crucial. Through imagery like what they've captured below, they're able to keep up with indigenous populations in a way that doesn't cause a threat.

A lot of the concern about these populations has to do with the fact that their existence has been consistently denied. Marcos Apurinã, coordinator of Brazil's Amazon Indian organization, spoke with UncontactedTribes.org to articulate how essential imagery is to their mission,

"It is necessary to reaffirm that these peoples exist, so we support the use of images that prove these facts. These people have had their most fundamental rights, particularly their right to life, ignored ... it is therefore crucial that we protect them."

Check out the clip below to see the footage that's helping in the fight to ensure that indigenous populations are granted the rights they deserve. Let us know what you thought in the comments and be sure to share this clip with your friends on Facebook!