For some, just the mere suggestion of getting a shot at the doctor's office is enough to make them shiver. Needle injections, however, are vital to the medical profession and our well-being. This is why Christie Med came up with a device to take out some of the vein-finding guesswork. The 'Vision Viewer 2' offers doctors a non-surgical approach for viewing veins underneath the skin. The video below from Tech Insider shows the magic in action.

What the video explains is that the vein viewer uses near-infrared light projected onto the surface of the skin. That light is absorbed by the blood's hemoglobin and reflected by the surrounding tissue. That infrared reflection is captured by the Vision Viewer 2, where the image is then processed in real-time and displayed back on the surface of the skin, which now shows the veins.

Christie Med claims that vein locating technology like the Vision Viewer 2 will decrease unsuccessful needle insertion attempts, which in turn will increase patient satisfaction. Not to mention it is visually stunning to see your veins glowing on the surface of your skin. Perhaps your next doctor's visit won't be so scary after all.