A man from Ohio wrote a check using math from his son’s Common Core math curriculum. He took a picture of the check and uploaded it to Facebook. It went viral.

According to Fox News, the man, Doug Herrmann, wrote the check to pay for his son’s school lunches.
Annoyed with the way Common Core teaches math, he filled out the check using the symbols he saw his son using while doing his math homework.

"I can't help my second-grader and my first grade-daughter with their math homework, and it's very frustrating," he said.

Many people, as the comment section on the Fox News article shows, who think Common Core curriculum is indoctrinating children or not teaching them how to learn properly, sympathized with Herrmann’s struggle.

Hemant Mehta, a former math teacher, wrote an article on Patheos about the hubbub surrounding Herrmann’s actions. He said people like Herrmann are actually the problem.

"The problem is all the parents who immediately dismiss better, more effective ways of teaching math because it’s 'different' from what they learned," he said. 

"If Herrmann doesn’t understand what his son is doing, then they should sit down together and work through it. Read the textbook. Go to Google. Ask the teacher for help. Any of those things would have helped and none of them would have taken very long. Instead, Herrmann wasted everyone’s time by writing a useless check and putting it on Facebook."
For the record, Herrmann said he never actually sent the check to school with his child.

"I ended up giving him my last twenty and ripped up the check and threw it away. It was a joke and I took a picture and put it on Facebook and boom, blew up the Internet." 

Wrote a check to Melridge Elementary using common core numbers. I wonder if they'll take it? #YouFigureItOut

Posted by Doug Herrmann on Wednesday, September 16, 2015