A YouTube video starring an unconventional humorist is proving that you don’t have to make fun of people to find success in comedy.  

Jeanne Robertson is a humorist who has won multiple awards and even wound up speaking at the White House, according to an article from her website.  But her style is family-friendly, and she says she doesn't like to make fun of other people.   
See, Robertson wasn't always in the comedy game.  In 1963, she was named Miss North Carolina before going on to win Miss Congeniality at the Miss America competition later in the year.  She then decided to retire from her pageant career in order to focus more on public speaking.  Now, she's an award-winning speaker who talks about how humor can be a factor in one’s strategy for success.  

In the video, Robertson drives this point home by telling the story of a trip she took to British Columbia.  At one point in the trip, she spoke with a young woman at the visitors bureau.  “What would you suggest that we do for five hours?” Robertson asked.  The woman took a look at some brochures and then suggested that Robertson and her elderly companion hike 13 kilometers to a bridge.  “If you go out there right now,” the woman told her, “you can bungee jump.”  

The woman goes on to describe a charity event where people jump from the bridge in the nude and suggests that Robertson and her companion come back after Valentine's Day to go watch it.  Robertson’s reaction to the suggestion is comedy gold.  Check it out in the video below.