Every woman has memories of her father telling Daddy's little girl she's not allowed to have a boyfriend. "Not until you're 30." "Never!" Two-year-old Kennedy Kirkland has her own ideas about boyfriends. Kennedy's mom Chelsea Kirkland caught the adorable exchange between Kennedy and her dad and posted it on YouTube.

The video starts with mom Chelsea asking, "Who's Jared?" When Kennedy responds confidently with, "My boyfriend," her father calmly says, "You don't have a boyfriend." Kennedy bursts into tears for a brief moment as her father explains, like all fathers before him, "You're not allowed to have a boyfriend 'till you're 50."

Kennedy stares at her father in disbelief, slaps him and insists, "I do."

Jared, it turns out, is the college roommate of Kennedy's uncle, according to ABC News. But when the right young man does come along, he'll be lucky to have a gal like Kennedy, already poised with strength and confidence at such a young age.