It's not uncommon for cars to make strange noises, especially when they're in need of a repair of some sort. But incessant buzzing isn't typically a noise you associate with a car that needs fixing. When the owner of an old International Harvester Scout decided it was time for restoration, he made a pretty remarkable find behind one of the truck's panels.

In a YouTube video uploaded in October of 2014, the apparent owner of the truck shows off the incredible discovery he's made. According to the description of the video, he'd transported the truck from Houston to Jacksonville where it would be rebuilt. Upon arrival, he found a colony of bees living behind the panel above the back left tire.

The narrator of the video says he used a diamond grinder to remove part of the paneling. "We found us some bees," he says, "a lot of bees." The colony seems to be thriving inside the old truck. The description says the bees infiltrated the truck through rust holes.

The colony of bees was removed non-lethally and promptly moved to a new hive. According to The Guardian, bees pollinate one-third of all the food that we eat. Thus, their safe removal in this instance is beneficial on many levels. Though small in size, bees play an enormous role in supporting the world's ecosystems.

A quote that's commonly attributed to Albert Einstein says: "If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live." While there's no evidence that says this quote came from Einstein, and while there's no evidence that the statement is outright true, there's no doubt that bees play a vital role in the food system. 

We can all take a cue from the truck owner below, who put the bees' needs before his own.