When photographer Tomer Grencel learned his wife was pregnant, he didn't just want to take a few photos to chart her progress, he wanted to create a multimedia event to celebrate the start of he and his wife's happy family.

With the help of his own wonderful imagination, some old-school stop-motion photography and a remarkably patient wife, particularly when she was very pregnant, Grencel put together a video showcase of more than 1,000 images of his life during her pregnancy with daughter Emma and set it to music in a video that has generated a remarkable 10.9 million views on YouTube to date. The song, "All I Want Is You" by Barry Louis Polisar, is the perfect backdrop to the celebration of a growing life.

So popular was the initial video, Tomer and his wife have now started sharing their lives with the public through their wonderfully quirky blog BabyRules.me. Of recent note is that daughter Emma is close to becoming a big sister to a baby brother. The website has few words, preferring to tell stories in pictures and videos, with Mom and Dad simply stating:

"We are Mom and Dad.
For the first time.

This blog is about sharing parenthood experiences, especially with photos and videos, that we, mom and dad, have made."