Most of the time it's the parents who punish the children, but in the case of this Minnesota family, the 9-year-old daughter was flipping the script. She walked into the Barnesville Police Station and told law enforcement officers that her parents had been growing marijuana, the Star Tribune reports. The smell had reportedly been bothering her, and she worried it might harm her dog as well.

Officer Ryan Beattie told ABC News that the unnamed 9-year-old appeared conflicted about tattling on he parents, "She was clearly upset because she didn’t want to turn her parents in. But at the same time, she knew her parents did wrong." Beattie told the Tribune that speaking with the young girl was almost like "interviewing an adult," noting her knowledge in areas that most 9-year-olds do not possess. 

When police searched the home, they discovered seven marijuana plants as well as a substance that appeared to be meth. The Star Tribune reports that the daughter spent time with her grandparents following the investigation, but ABC News says she was shortly back with her parents. 

Beattie didn't appear concerned about the daughter moving back in with her parents. “We have spoken with the parents," he told ABC, "She seems to be well taken care of."

At the time of the report, charges against the parents had yet to be filed. There don't appear to be any updates on the case made available to the public.