When it comes to hair, it seems like the grass is always greener on the other side — straight-haired ladies lust after bouncy curls, while curly-haired beauties yearn for smooth, straight locks. Achieving massive curls with a curling iron can result in damage, but the tutorial below offers an alternative, heatless way to get those enviable ringlets while keeping your mane healthy and strong.

Cynthia Kamenos of REAL BEAUTY by Cynthia demonstrates a heatless technique that allows you to wake up to flawless curls. She runs a texturizing product over her locks, then twists a small section of hair tightly before coiling it around itself and securing it into place. The next morning, she carefully unravels each bun to reveal larger-than-life curls.

Tina Munzu, a writer for CurlyNikki, has perfected the art of this heatless style, also know as bantu knots. After much trial and error, she has compiled a list of tips to get the best results from this technique. Firstly, she advises that you start with dry hair, as tightly-wound wet bantu knots may not completely dry overnight. Secondly, Munzu suggests using a non-water based product to tame frizz and hold the shape, again to ensure that the hair dries by morning. Thirdly, she warns against winding the knot too close to the roots, as doing so can create unnecessary tension on the scalp and may even keep you up at night. As a last piece of advice, Munzu advocates for winding each revolution of the bantu knot above the previous one (away from the scalp) rather than underneath, then tucking the ends under. That way, the knot does not become too tight and is still secured into place.

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