It's every parent's worst nightmare: The hospital switches up your baby with someone else's, and your child never knows their real parents. A family torn apart before it even had a chance to begin. 

As terrible as that scenario is, it's a thousand times worse when you realize the hospital performed the mix-up on purpose, something one couple is now convinced happened to them recently in El Salvador.
Richard Cushworth and Mercedes Casanellas are missionaries in Central America, but Cushworth had to leave the country for a business trip back to his native Great Britain, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph.

With Cushworth gone, Casanellas' doctor insisted she needed to have an emergency C-section, However, the baby born that she first snuggled with did not resemble the baby brought to the couple later, and they were suspicious from the get-go according to a story in The Guardian.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple, who reside in Dallas, Texas, waited three months before having a DNA test done which stated there was 0.00% chance the baby they were given was related to then.

They returned to El Salvador and accused the doctor of swapping their baby with someone else's to sell the child into the human trafficking market, according to The Daily Mail. Diligent work by the El Salvador government found their baby at home with another family, and the two families were able to finally meet their true children.