Kamren Weiler thought a cute stuffed elephant that smelled like lavender was the perfect gift for her daughter Kinley, who's going on three years old. And it was perfect, until the day the toy's leg suffered a tear, and something really started to stink.

The adorable elephant was rotten to the core on the inside, with an infestation of grain weevils that had apparently nested inside the toy's wheat-based filling, according to the New York Daily News.

"She went to sleep with it and played with it and had it in her bed," Weiler said of the rotten toy, according to KATU 2 News. "Yeah, it's pretty gross."

Weiler is not the first parent to have a problem with weevils in the Cozy Hugs aromatherapy toys, which are made in China. The Better Business Bureau has several complaints on its website, including one which read: "The bugs had laid eggs inside the products as well so there was a huge infestation in my closet where I stored them."

While representatives of Cozy Hugs refused to comment on the problem, another parent told KATU 2 that the company replaced the wheat filling was replaced with ceramic beads to eliminate the problem.