Mike Powers saw the all-too-familiar red and blue lights flash in his rearview mirror, so he pulled to the side of the road. Out stepped a cop so large in stature that Powers dubbed him "Mr. Olympia." The officer approached Powers' car, took his license and registration, and promptly returned with a ticket. 

That's typically where an interaction of this sort ends. Cop gives out a ticket, and citizen goes on their way. But in this instance, as the officer made his way back to his vehicle, Powers called out to him. "As he started to walk away I asked him how he's handling everything and how the cops are feeling in Mississippi with all of the senseless killings this week throughout the country," Powers recounted in a September 2015 Facebook post.

The officer, a Mississippi Highway patrolman by the name of Jason Ales, admitted that it was a scary reality. Powers reminded Ales that he, along with many others, stand with law enforcement officers and appreciate their hard work day in and day out. Then came a moment that left Ales teary-eyed, "I took my bracelet off and told him that I give these out to my family, friends, and military members who might need extra protection and that I hope it will keep him safe."

Ales told Powers that the gesture meant "more than you can imagine." The two men went their separate ways, but Powers soon discovered that his ticket had been voided. Instead, he donated the money he would've spent on the ticket to a local charity. 

Powers' powerful post has been shared over 700,000 times and liked by more than 1 million individuals. It was later shared by the Facebook page Love What Matters and readers were touched by the tale. "Brilliant..this is what gives us hope," the top comment reads, "Caring and love works wonders."

You can see the bracelet and read the story in full below.