A kindergarten teacher faced potential jail time after she was caught, on video, pushing 6-year-old Ian Nelson against the wall, and then grabbing him by the face at an elementary school in Riverdale, Ohio, in 2014. 

The teacher, Barb Williams was initially suspended from teaching for 10 days, but later resigned, according to The Courier. 

Williams was first charged with child endangerment, a misdemeanor, but was offered a lesser charge because she had no criminal history and the boy was uninjured. She was ordered to attend anger management courses and pay a fine of $250, instead of jail time. 

"I would wonder what would happen to myself if I were to do that to her ... If I were to do that to her I would go to jail," said Ian's father, Anthony Nelson, according to the video on YouTube. 

Williams' attorney told reporters that the time following the incident was difficult for his client, claiming that she lost her job and faced a potential lawsuit. 

"In some respects, it's had a very devastating impact on her life, as you would anticipate under these circumstances," attorney Jay Feldstein said according to The Courier.  

In a separate incident, the parents faced child endangerment charges for leaving their 8-year-old and 6-year-old sons home alone for an hour the following fall.