A woman takes a knife to Powerade and proceeds to cut it into chunks that can be served as "power candy." A YouTube video put out by Fluff Berry Puff on Jan. 11, 2016, on how to turn an ordinary bottle of Powerade into jelly candies has gone viral with over 60,000 hits since being posted online. 

According to Powerade, the sports drink is designed to help replace electrolytes that are lost when a person sweats. Most people consume the drink as a drink, but someone figured out how to take the sports drink and turn it into a gelatin treat. The person placed 8 gelatin packets in a bowl and added 100 mls of water. After stirring the water in, the mixture was microwaved for 1 minute so that it liquefied. The gelatin and Powerade were then mixed and poured back into the Powerade bottle and refrigerated overnight. The next day, the plastic bottle was cut off, and the gelatin was cut into finger foods.

The idea of turning a sports drink into a gelatin is unique, but it has been quite a hit with YouTube viewers. The drink can now be easily taken as a finger food to any sporting event or party.