Whitney Dunbar thought she was abiding by all laws when she was pulled over by a member of the Frisco Police Department. Turns out, the 29-year-old mother of three was wrong. She received a ticket and $175 fine for wearing her seatbelt improperly, WKRC Cincinnati reports, and now she's speaking out about it.

Dunbar was on her way to the mall when an officer pulled her over. He asked if she knew why she had been pulled over, to which she responded negatively. Dunbar's arm was over the shoulder strap of the belt, which is deemed improper, according to the news outlet. She says she was trying to hand her baby a piece of fruit, but was still attentive and following rules.

Dunbar's explanation didn't appear to satisfy the officer, who then handed out the substantial fine. She took to Facebook to air her grievances, addressing the Crazy Moms of Frisco group. "PSA: I'm getting a ticket right now for wearing my seatbelt the wrong way. Click it or ticket is on patrol today in Frisco. FML," she wrote.

An officer from the Frisco Police Department told WKRC that the way Dunbar was wearing her seatbelt did warrant a citation. Dunbar says she will fight the citation.

You can see her Facebook post below.