Imagine the following scenario: New neighbors move in next door, and they don't like the color of your house. This is no minor complaint — although it may seem like one — and they'll do everything in their power to make sure you paint your yellow house another color. They call the police and file a lawsuit, but their efforts are futile.

Two years go by. You head out of town for a couple of weeks. Upon your return, you nearly drive by your own house. It no longer sports the shade of yellow you're familiar with; now it's gray. The culprits? All signs point to your neighbors.

The above scenario sounds pretty outlandish, but for one poor Louisiana woman, it was her reality. She posted to Reddit under the name weirdquestion11 seeking legal advice on the situation. She suspects the neighbors went to a painting company and told them they wanted their house painted while they were away. Weirdquestion11 presumed that the neighbors realized she was out of town since another set of neighbors had been collecting her mail. She said those neighbors called the police when they saw the house being painted, but because the painters had a legal work order, nothing could be done.

Reddit users clearly felt her frustration and anger and offered advice as to how to proceed. "Call your homeowners insurance, file a vandalism claim," the top comment reads, "Insurance company pays you, paint your home back yellow." Weirdquestion11 explained that when she called the police, she was told the neighbors couldn't be charged with trespassing or vandalism since they themselves didn't go on her property and do the painting.

Another user chimed in: "Get your house painted back to an even brighter yellow and then sue your neighbor for the damages in small claims."

Shortly after the post became a hot topic, the woman provided an update, saying that she'd been in contact with a lawyer. Weirdquestion11 said her neighbors filed a lawsuit against her for the cost of the paint job. "I can't say anything further about what has all happened, on the advice of my lawyer," she said, "I will provide an update once everything is resolved."

So far, no update has come. But here's hoping that her home is back to its original shade of yellow.