A Reddit user posted a copy of a resignation letter and got roasted by the peanut gallery.

The handwritten note from April 2015 describes a litany of things such as poor health, extended working hours, bereavement and lack of empathy on the part of the employer as reasons for the resignation.
While gahdzuks, the user who posted an image of the letter, may have been looking for a touch of sympathy or commiseration about the decision, Redditors were not on board with that. 

Instead, most of them derided the user for being passive aggressive and lacking professionalism.

User l00pee said, "Consider it from their point of view, do you think they went ‘Oh, you got me there!’ or ‘Oh, we really screwed up with a really good employee and now we've lost them.’ No. They laugh at the saltiness and call the next guy in their stack of applicants, and you don't have reference. You fucked yourself for a moment of catharsis."

KnightOfSunlight agreed with l00pee and attacked the letter itself.

"By the looks of this letter I really doubt this company is going to care if you quit. You don't gain much from burning a bridge in this situation. If you were actually a great employee then you'll want them as a reference. Also buy a printer. That "big girl" handwriting stopped being cute after 8th grade."

Redditors who were able to get past the letter’s flaws and emotionalism zeroed in on the one positive about the letter — if the person who wrote it was working overtime and not getting paid or appropriate bereavement time — he or she could probably sue the employer.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employees must receive additional pay when they work in excess of 40 hours a week.