At the 2015 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships, Team Canada took to the ice and showed the competition how it's done.

Synchronized skating is a marvel to behold, not only for the impressive technical skill involved in the sport, but also in how each team member's movements seem effortless throughout the carefully choreographed routine. The International Skating Union 2015 World Synchronized Skating Championships, held in Hamilton, Canada, opened with the Short Program, and Nexxice (Team Canada 1) stole the show on their home ice. With "MUD" by The Road Hammers — and zealous cheering from their fans — providing the soundtrack to their routine, Nexxice executed quite an impressive performance.
According to the ISU, the fancy footwork and precise movements that made up the team's routine "earned a level four for the Pivoting Line and the No Hold Element, while the Travelling Circle, the Intersection and the Moves Element merited a level three," culminating in a first-place win.

However, the competition was fierce. The ISU reports that the second-place team, Marigold Ice Unity (Finland 1), came up less than a point short of their rival's score. Rounding out the top three was Team Surprise (Sweden 1), whose routine garnered the highest element score.

In a follow-up article, the ISU lists Nexxice as the gold medal winner of the entire championship, with Finland coming in second and Russia in third.